I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move. ~Robert Louis Stevenson

New roads. New vistas. New places. New modes of travel. New challenges. Not for us the security of roads we’ve been on before, of familiar places, of tours, of set itineraries. We want the freedom to roam, to follow interesting tangents, to seek out places of beauty and culture, to be unbound.

Every form of travel has its place and its benefits. It doesn’t matter so  much which one we use, as long as we go.

The camper van gives us a home, a place of stability no matter the outside surroundings. It makes it easy to go, easy to camp, easy to not plan our routes, always certain of a place to stay.

Flying lets us get to somewhere new for a short time and it highlights the transition from one place to the other. It lets us experience foreign foods and vistas that would be infeasible to get to quickly.

Train gives us the freedom to move about while travelling, to see the landscape without the responsibility of navigating. It lets us spend time together as a family while we travel, to read and play games.

Motorcycles get us close to the landscape, feeling and smelling the weather and surroundings.

All of them are just the means to the end, ways to see new places, to people along the way and see how lives and places are both arranged by nature and changed by human choice. Ways to help us understand.