Mental Hygiene, or the bike as therapist

Mental Hygiene, or the bike as therapist

After work I was feeling frustrated and cranky and a wee bit stressed out. There was a big motorcycle event that I had thought about going to, but the idea of happily chatting with masses of people was about as appealing as being hit on the head repeatedly with a brick, so I’d decided to go home.

However, I had a few crucial errands to do, and as I headed towards the last one, Penny started talking to me. She told me that a ride to Squamish would be just the thing to clear my brain, and that yes, we did have time to go. I tried to tell her I had stuff to do, but she reminded me that the forecast for the rest of the week was rain, and that I should get a ride in while I could. That last point won me over, so errands completed, I headed over the Lions Gate Bridge and off, off and away.

Flying out the freeway towards the S2S, I could feel the tension starting to leave my brain, floating with the wind whipping by. It almost returned as I got caught behind cars and a cruiser who couldn’t corner well but sped through the straight bits. But, finally, in the face of the gorgeous sunset kissed landscape and the winding curves, the tension dissapated, leaving me free and happy. Had my burrito in Squamish, turned around and headed straight back. The road back was free and empty, and my spirit lifted from the neutral point where it had landed after the ride up and got positively bouyant. Even getting held up by construction for 10 minutes didn’t bother me, because I’d moved to the head of the line and knew I’d have free and open road the rest of the way back.

By the time I got home, I was ready to go cheerfully back to work the next day.

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