Monday Drivers

Monday Drivers

This is the first morning I’ve really questioned my wisdom in riding all the time. I almost got shmucked this morning by a lane changer – thankfully he was a slow lane changer. When I caught up to him at the light and yelled at him, he rolled down the light and was like “I did look – you were in my blind spot – I used to ride – bla bla bla”. Leaving aside his obvious fault in not carefully checking his blind spot, I should have paid more attention to him – I do try to ride without ever staying in someone’s blind spot, but it’s not possible to never be in one – I was trying to get past him quite honestly, and had dismissed him and gone on to the next thing when he shocked me by trying to share my lane – this was bad defensive riding on my part.

But the fact that I could do that scared the sh*t out of me and made me feel like maybe I ought not to ride all the time.

I think I’m over that now, but I did have to vent/share.

I guess I should reaffirm that it’s nice to be alive. Though, as it is Monday, maybe not.

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