Duffy Lake

Duffy Lake

Duffy Lake road is one of the long loops available from Vancouver. It’s got some great scenery – going from coast to mountains to the desert on the other side – and is very twisty. But it’s also well known for the quality, or rather lack thereof, of the pavement. I’d been wanting to do it for a long time, but unfortunately, at the beginning of the day at least, my head wasn’t quite in it (hangover and hormones – good mix!), I think I was holding up tackle and BCRider. I’ll have to do it again and get more into it – both tackle and BCRider had done it before.

We finally made a stop on the road

We stopped to look at the scenery and I made BCRider move his bike so I could get this new desktop for work

Tackle sat on her bike, hating stopping to look at the scenery ;p

The scenery – I also ran over to get a piece of sage to take with me – I love the smell

Tackle fixing a gimpy BCRider’s chain – when we stopped for gas he noticed that a bit holding the links was missing, but as he’d been hit in the ankle with a puck in the morning, tackle fixed it.

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