Open Air Museum

Open Air Museum

The Openluchtmuseum (literally “Open Air Museum”) is a collection of restored historic buildings, staffed by people in traditional costumes. They do traditional crafts (and naturally, sell the products) and have activities for the kids. But mostly, it’s just a very pleasant place to walk around in, with lots of interesting things to see.

We’d been meaning to get there for a while – we bought these museum year cards (free entrance to many museums for only €35 for the year – 3-4 museums and you’ve paid them off) when A was here in the spring, but haven’t used them too much. The cards also help because you can go to something like this for a couple hours in the afternoon and not feel like you’ve wasted money the way you would if you’d spent €14 each to be there.

We had a lovely afternoon wandering among the buildings and letting Sprocket play in the playground. But we didn’t see everything, so we’d love to go back with any visitors, at least any who visit between April 1 and November 1.

Photos from our afternoon can be seen here or by clicking the photo below.


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