The Zuiderzee Museum

The Zuiderzee Museum

Again taking advantage of our museum memberships and a lovely late September afternoon, we headed off to the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuisen. It’s another outdoor museum, a collection of old buildings and other heritage stuff. You take a boat from the parking lot to the museum and then get to wander around in buildings and such. I can see going back there when the kids are older as there was a lot of cool stuff for them, including dress up clothes so they could look like traditional Dutch children and traditional games.

We tried to time it so Sprocket would sleep in the car on the way there, but of course that didn’t work, so he was increasingly tired and hyper during our visit. And he was most resistant to actually spending any time in the stroller, and at first he was good about wandering around with us, pushing the stroller himself, but then as he got tireder, we had to force him into it just for safety’s (or was it sanity’s) sake. But I can tell a double stroller probably isn’t going to work so well.

For dinner, since Lelystad was on our way home, we’d planned to stop at the vegetarian Chinese place. But Sprocket fell asleep in the car almost as soon as we got in, so we did takeout there instead. Which may in the end have been better – it was still warm and yummy when we got home 40 minutes later, and we got a dinner without a tired toddler.

For photos, click here or below. Not so many this time, but some pretty ones.


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