Familiarization Ride

Familiarization Ride

Took a slow and gentle ride out to see my parents today. It’s nice to be able to go and see them – they live too far away to get to by transit, and it didn’t seem fair to always make them come in. Couldn’t stay long because after dark is still cold, but it was nice to drop in. My stepdad showed me his latest paintings and I think I’ve put dibs on a couple.

And I’m working on getting over my lingering nervousness in curves – sometimes I can still hear the sound of plastic and metal scraping along the ground as I’m riding and it still scares me. Tomorrow I start commuting on the bike, but luckily traffic has never freaked me out. Hopefully the good weather will hold.

I rode my favourite little road for part of it – River Road in Richmond. It’s not a really twisty road, but it’s pleasantly winding, and I love the views – it’s a working river and filled with floats of logs and tugs and various boats and shipyards. I used to drive along it when I commuted from New West to Richmond one winter, simply because I loved the vistas of the mist making the river all fuzzy. And every light brings out a different side of it. And there’s this view, with Mt. Baker in the distance – hard to see in the picture, but hard to miss in reality.

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