On the Road Again!

On the Road Again!

Well, I’m back on two wheels and it’s a bike this time! It’s a BMW F650CS.

I fell in love with how this bike looked when I saw one in Paris. I’d seen a used one sitting on the dealer’s website for months and wanted it. I even sat on one for at least 30 minutes at the bike show and knew that I liked how it felt. But my life was too uncertain to make that kind of purchase.

So, I just got a real job doing real stuff for at least the next year, and I need transport to get there – it’s an hour on the bus or a 20 minute drive/ride. I thought about getting a car, but in the end just couldn’t do it. I decided I’d rather spend more money getting a bike and then decide in the fall if I still want a car. So I went in last week to visit this bike, to make sure it was actually there.

I just test rode it today and determined that my love was justified – my god, how pleasurable! So, I bought it.

I’m in the first blushes of love, where I get a silly smile on my face just thinking of her.

And heated handgrips rock! Not to mention ABS brakes and a built in powerpoint – sooooo cool. And it feels great to ride – nice and nimble and light – very maneuverable. But the low centre of gravity also makes it feel very stable. And the riding position is more standard than sportbike which should make it comfortable for long distances.

I love the colour too [airhead]and it matches my hair *giggles*[/airhead].

And I’m such a girl – I’ve named her Penny (“Purty Penny” if I’m feeling especially loving).

So, here it is:

And me on it (photo by photogirl):

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