Supper in Squamish

Supper in Squamish

The SpeedyBikeGirls got together after work for a quick jaunt up to Squamish for dinner at a pub (it’s funny how this becomes a normal idea on a bike). Despite getting, um, misdirected a couple times in the search for gas, it was a great ride. The construction area was a little rough, but it didn’t slow up traffic too badly. It was the first time that several of the girls had been up to Squamish. It was a little chilly coming back, and it was then I decided heated grips weren’t enough, and decided that I would buy a heated vest. And luckily, after the gas thing and the first misdirection, I didn’t have to lead anymore.

For anyone reading from outside the area, Squamish is really not a destination. The reason for going there is the highway, known as the Sea to Sky (or S2S) Highway. Local bikers do the route incessantly and gather to pose with their pretty outfits at the Starbucks in Squamish (not saying I’ve never been there…). But it’s a fun little road, which everyone hopes won’t be ruined by the “upgrading” it’s going through for the Olympics.

Photos by photogirl.

The girls

The bikes

Another ride, another helmet table

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