Camping in Flevoland

Camping in Flevoland

We had gorgeous summer weather for the end of September, so headed off to Camping De Altena (one of the Natuurkampeerterreinen or natural campgrounds) for the weekend. There were only a few other campers on the site, which was spread over six big grass fields, each surrounded by forest. We arrived Saturday at lunch time and just basically ran around (at least the kids) for the rest of the afternoon. Then, after a leisurely morning, we packed up, moved the van and then biked to the beach along the Nijkerkernauw, which is one of the series of lakes created by filling in the Flevo polders in the former Zuiderzee (now the IJsselmeer).

On Saturday, when looking for the campground we had found a naturist campground first (words are just so close sounding, but such different meanings). And when we headed down to the beach, we found that a long stretch of it is also open to naturists, who were sunning themselves along the edges, often with windbreaks. Not wishing to disturb their rest, we headed out of the area, and found ourselves our own little bit of sandy beach to let the kids loose in. Then we headed back to our van and took ourselves off for the long journey home (all of about 40 minutes).

[2014 update – this campground is now closed due to vandals lighting the toilet building on fire, and the lack of campers before that, partly due to having nothing but a cold shower in said building and the complete lack of facilities or anyone available onsite – even paying was difficult – there is now a group campground at a nearby place]

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